Explore the universe of EOLE

In the skies far above there lies an archipelago like no other. What lies yonder a land which is full of wonder and sights to see. Eole is a contemplative flying simulator made in approximatively 9 weeks (with others projects aside). The idea is to sit back relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of these floating islands and their monuments.

This game can be played with either a mouse and keyboard or a flight stick controller.

EOLE was our first time project that makes us realize how difficult it can be to optimise a game with techniques such as Occlusion Culling, LOD, Baking and so on. That’s why on EOLE i worked on the Optimization, the Rendering, the Level Art, the Assets integration, some Programming, the VFXs and a part of the Level Design.

Made in Autumn / Winter 2018


Thibault DUPRE

Séverin Jacob PP

Severin JACOB

Thomas Rousseau PP



Thibault Vincent PP

Thibault VINCENT

Trailer & Screenshots