Typeack was made for the Global Game Jam 2019. It’s a typing scorer game that adds modifiers progressively to make it more and more difficult.

I worked in solo on the game and I had 2 days to create a game which fit with the theme of “What home means to you” so i choosed that what represents the home would be the pc desktop.

The Global Game Jam offers the possibility to add modifiers in order to increase the challenge creating your game and fortunately they were some that fits pretty well.
So i decided that my goal would be to create a game without using any assets in order to not focus on the aesthetic but the programming part, and so here are the modifiers i chosed :

– Thomas Wasn’t Alone: Use only simple shapes (cubes, triangles, circles, etc.) to represent every single element (characters, HUD, etc.) inside the game.

– Under the Hood: Make some or all of the code visible in your game.

– Assetless: Create all visuals programmatically or in the scene editor, and avoid any importing of image files, sprite sheets, 3D models etc.

Made in Autumn / Winter 2018